Pueblo Area Pet Emergency Hospital is the only afterhours and 24–hour weekend and holiday hospital in the Pueblo Area.   We pride ourselves on working directly with your daytime veterinarian and their staff to give your pets the level of after-hours critical care that they deserve.   Our veterinarian and nursing staff have extensive knowledge and experience in emergency medicine and critical care.  Together with ongoing training, our commitment to excellence ensures that your pets will receive the very best care possible.  Here is a brief summary of the services that we can offer to you and your companion: 


  • After hours Emergency and Critical Care
  • Dedicated nursing staff
  • Anesthesia and Surgery
  • In house hematology analyzer
  • In house chemistry analyzer
  • In house coagulation analyzer
  • In house blood gas monitoring
  • In house cytology
  • Digital radiography with Telemedicine capability
  • Fluid therapy
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG telemetry
  • Oxygen therapy/support
  • Fresh frozen plasma
  • Nebulization therapy
  • Pharmacy


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